Get your USPA A license on a schedule convenient for you.

We jump 7 days a week. Our skydiving school instructors have AFF (Accelerated Freefall) ratings and offer an AFF program to obtain your USPA skydiving A license. We offer Lincoln and Omaha skydiving school along with skydiving school for the surrounding communities. Pay as you go ($695 minimum) or pay in full in advance ($3,900) and save money. The program includes:

    • Ground School
    • Levels 1–3
    • Levels 4–7
    • Packing Class
    • Coach Jumps
    • Solo Jump with Gear

A minimum of 25 jumps and a passing grade on the USPA written and oral exams are required to obtain your A license. Read the full description below. The USPA A license allows jumpers to:

    • Jump without supervision.
    • Pack their own main parachute.
    • Engage in basic group jumps.
    • Perform water jumps.

Our Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Program for your USPA A license includes all of the following:

    • Skydivers’ Information Manual (SIM), Log Book and USPA Membership – $200
    • Ground School – $100
    • Levels 1 through 3 – $395 each
    • Levels 4 through 7 – $345 each
    • Packing Class – $100
    • Coach Jumps – $195 each
    • Solo Jump with Gear – $75 each

Contact Sean Tillery for more information and to schedule your skydive school sessions at (531) 500-7478

United States Parachute Association (USPA) A License

Persons holding a USPA A license must have—

    • Completed 25 freefall jumps.
    • Completed all requirements listed on the USPA A License Proficiency Card.
    • Completed five group freefall skydives involving at least two participants.
    • Received the signature and official stamp on the USPA A License Proficiency Card or USPA A License Progression Card (ISP), which validates the A license for a 60-day time limit following the completion of the card.
    • The completed and signed USPA A License Proficiency Card or USPA A License Progression Card must be validated within 60 days of completion by sending the card to USPA Headquarters. Once validated, USPA will issue a license number that becomes a permanent record of the member.
    • Passed the USPA-developed written and oral USPA A license exams conducted by a current USPA I, Examiner, S&TA, Judge or USPA Board member. Note: USPA Headquarters will accept a completed card signed by a USPA Instructor without the official stamp. The registration fee must be included.

Read the full licensing information on the USPA website (section 3-1, subsection E).

You must be a USPA member for your license to stay current (see fees here).