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Your First Jump

So you’ve decided to leap into the world of skydiving. That’s incredible! Get ready to experience something unlike anything else this world can offer. By choosing Skydive Atlas to help you through this amazing adventure, you are choosing one of the only professional tandem skydiving operations in the state of Nebraska. We care about our clients, and each one of our students goes into every jump fully prepared for what is to come.

Your first jump will be a tandem jump, meaning you will be partnered with one of our trained and certified skydiving experts to ensure both maximum fun and safety. We require first-time jumpers to tandem jump for a few reasons:

  • You’ll learn much more. By having a skydiving expert right by your side – literally, you will learn what is required of a jumper in real-time. But don’t worry! You’ll still get to pull the parachute if you so wish!
  • You’ll learn about your tendencies. No one knows what they would do while in the air until they’re actually in the air. If you are interested in a solo free-fall, we have come to realize that it is best for you to get a few tandem jumps under your belt so that you are aware of all your body’s natural instincts before you’re free-falling back down to Earth!
  • It is more fun! In our experience, we’ve found that jumping solo on your first time out can be more nerve-wracking than exciting. By letting someone else handle all of the safety measures while you are in the air, you will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the world from 12,000 feet above.


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